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As any parent will tell you, one sick day (or night) with a child can literally take an adult a week to get over, even if we don’t catch it too.

I am no different to the next mum except I try to prevent my kids from getting sick in the first place, but that is sometimes easier said than done. I am not saying my family never get sick but we have less time out than most families.

Over the years I have tried many ways to keep the family healthy and save us from the bugs that are waiting to pounce on us and it is not just the kids I try to keep well – it is all of us.

One of my boys a Type 1 Diabetic and if he gets a cold or tummy bug life can literally go from bad to hospitalization in a matter of hours and I can’t afford to get sick I have the family to look after and men are never good patients.

But where do you start?

You look at the vitamin section in the Pharmacy or supermarket with a bewildered grin and think – “well I know we need Vitamin C for the colds and maybe a Multi-Vitamin to cover the rest. Oh, and I need a Vitamin B for more energy”. Only to finally decide to put it all into the too ‘too hard’ basket and leave without any of it.

If only we could take one thing for everything.

You know that that is not possible but I am happy to settle for a couple of things THAT WORK, but once again how do we know which ones?

For many years my quest in keeping the family well has led me to Liquid Minerals and Supplement that you don’t find in shops, mostly because I have found – They Work. You can also buy most of these at wholesale if you join as a member.

Some of these are yummy and some are awful but we are willing to try anything, once.

However, you know when you start a new brand a couple of days into a really bad flu and start to feel better by the end of the 2nd day – it is going to work.

Whether you want to live till you are 105, run a marathon, get through your workday or just easy the duration of this years flu, you know you need to take some for of vitamins and minerals. So have a look at this site.

They have helped me and my family.

Just remember that Prevention IS better than a Cure

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