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Dr Joel Wallach Saved My Son!

In 2002 the medical profession was at a loss as to what to do with Leighton. He was a Type 1 Diabetic & was having periods of ‘Unwellness’ (as was listed on his hospital discharge papers). His internal organs were struggling to cope with life & at that point he had not yet been diagnosed with being allergic to every brand of synthetic Insulin that was on the market.

It was when a friend of ours told us that Dr Joel Wallach was in Australia & he would be in Toowoomba, that I got excited. I had been lent a copy of his audio CD ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie’, a number of years earlier & we were already taking some Colloidal Minerals, so when we were told we may be able to get a meeting with Dr Wallach before his public talk that night & be able to ask him what he suggested to help Leighton. I was over the moon, about a possible meeting with a man that had so much knowledge & I felt that if anyone could help us, It would be him.

The afternoon that we met with Dr Wallach, my husband carried our pale grey & limp 2 year old into the lounge room of a ladies house in Toowoomba, where we waited, hoping for a miracle. Dr Wallach came in a short time later & addressed the room of people (about 10 of us). We listened to him talk for a while & then it went to question time.

With my heart in my throat I stood up & asked Dr Wallach “What would you recommend for our son?”. We had a detailed chat about what Leighton had been diagnosed with, what medical tests had been done in the past & what, if any supplements he was on. It was at this point that I found out the company & minerals we had been giving him were not endorsed by Dr Wallach even though they were using his ‘Dead Doctors’ CD.

That afternoon Dr Wallach gave us a recommendation & protocol to use with Leighton, and the rest is history (so they say)

When we returned home & started Leighton on the correct Colloidal Minerals & extra supplements, we saw improvement almost immediately. Within 3 weeks, Leighton had colour back in his cheeks – something we had NOT seen for almost 12 months. Leighton’s energy was also constantly improving, meaning, we now had 2 happy healthy little boys to run after.

Over the years we have been constantly asked what we give Leighton & we have been told by many Medical Doctors ‘To Keep Doing What We Are Doing’ as they are not able to help us. We have been down some long & rough roads, but I have always maintained that if I could just keep him well, the rest of managing a Type 1 Diabetic, with rare complications, was a lot easier.

For 12+ years I have been helping people in Australia & around the globe on their path to health with Dr Wallachs’ health message & products. Now it is great to see that Dr Joel Wallachs’ health message is finally picking up momentum with such people like Benny Hinn & Alex Jones in America. People are now getting the health message that they deserve. Ignorance & condemnation has been an issue we have had to deal with on our journey, as many people, Medical Practitioners & Doctors disregard what we have done (even though Leighton’s Story has been an International Case Study since 2004).

What you can do when you are well!

I look back on those times & wonder how life may have played out for us if we had not met with Dr Wallach that day & I am so happy & thankful for having the chance to meet with this great man, who is devoting his life to helping & healing people through knowledge that it is very humbling to look back & think that Dr Wallach & his advice saved my son’s life.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like chat about ordering any of Dr Wallach’s products here in Australia.

Cheers, Helen

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