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Master Care Plan

I have compiled the Master Care Plan book for carers and families of a loved one with special or  medical needs.

Most families with a loved one requiring addition care have a primary caregiver, but what if something were to happen to that person? Would anyone with in the family be able to step in and seamlessly take over the care with as little disruption as possible?

My goal in compiling the Master Care Plan book, was to provide carers, families and individuals a resource tool for them to have all of the essential personal and medical information in one place.

I know only too well that most carers have a huge amount of knowledge in the heads that in the event of an accident or emergency, no one else can assess. I never had all of my sons information written down.

So if you would like more information about the Master Care Plan book or would like to order a copy please visit –


My Life Plan

The My Life Plan book is the 2nd book in the ‘My Life Series’.

I compiled the My Life Plan book to assist families in the event of a loved one passing. This book provides the family and executors all of the additional information to finalize a loved ones estate.

If you have ever had a loved one pass, you know that there is a lot of information you need to know or have access too all in a short time and most of the time you are required to have this information on hand, like funeral plans and wishes. Sometimes with in hours but how can you think of this amidst your grief.

The My Life Plan book allows you to have on hand all of the information and wishes of your loved one filled out prior to their passing. This book can be filled out in the privacy of their own home and can be a vital part of the will. It provides the executors with all of the extra information that the family may not know, like investments, vehicle insurance policy information, service providers like gas and electricity details too.

The My Life Plan book is also great for those ‘Grey Nomads’ that are traveling, as there wishes and vital information is all with them in one handy little book.

If you love someone…Give them a My Life Plan book today.

My Life Journey

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