Health & Nutrition


Since 2001, when Leighton was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I have been on a mission to ‘Keep him well’ and for a long time it was really hard, and Leighton’s general wellness was not good.

In 2003 he was hospitalize many times for what was termed as ‘General Unwellness’. The Doctors were at a loss and not sure of why. It was as if his whole body was shutting down slowly and just not working.

I believe all of this to be because of the Allergy to the Insulin and the overload on his little body, but it was not yet recognized as an allergy.

It was at this time we were introduced to Dr Joel Wallach by a friend and Dr Wallach explained to us the importance of Minerals and Nutrition for the body. With in three weeks of Leighton starting the Mineral supplements he had colour in his face which we had not seen for a couple of years.

Health and Nutrition then became a huge part of our lives, and for many years we had no hospital admissions or any serious illness with in the family. For me it was great, I really only had to manage the Diabetes without other illnesses. I also believe that without the minerals Leighton would not have survived.

As a mother I have sometimes wondered how people could put a price on having kids, because children with conditions always cost more than the average, but you do whatever it takes, anyway – for your kids, and to have them well and as healthy as possible is PRICELESS. The Minerals are just an extra part of our daily routine that I use to ensure my family stays well.

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