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18 Years Today (13/03/2019)

18 years ago today our lives changed forever

18 year’s ago today our son was diagnosed this Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)

That was the day Leighton was airlifted to an Intensive Care Unit in Brisbane in a CareFlight Helicopter, he was unconscious & strapped to Ray’s chest for the flight.

As I watched from the window of the hospital holding my 3 days old baby, not knowing if he would make the trip.

He had been sick for many weeks but because I was pregnant with our 2nd son I was told by a Pediatrician that it was ‘Pregnant Paranoia” & there was another wrong with my son.

I had been talking Leighton to one of Toowoomba’s top Pediatricians for more that 8 week, seeing him in the end 3 times a week.

I knew something was not right but I was ‘Just a mum’ with out a medical degree so what would I know.

Leighton was really sick & No-one would listen to me.

He was only 14 months old
he was drinking between 5-6 liters of fluid a day,
he wetting through a disposable nappy every 15 minutest,
he had not pooped in almost a month,
he was loosing weight daily,
he was vomiting curdled milk within minutes of a feed
he could not keep food down either.

And All the while I was being told he was fine by this Doctor – that it was all in my head.

I did seek a second opinion at the hospital where they discovered a high level of Glucose in his blood but I was told to take him home because he was under the care of a pediatrician & it was there that I went into labor with our other son in the car park, having him 1 ½ hours later.

I knew in my heart I was having one baby to replace the one I was about to loose.

However we did manage to keep Leighton going until our GP had run some blood tests & urgently requested us get him to hospital .

By this time he was lapsing in & out of consciousness during the 30min car trip. When we arrived at the hospital we were lucky enough to have the same team working that had sent us home only days before.

Their apologies were met with a stern ‘You need to keep him alive until the Medivac Chopper gets here’ from me.

I finally had someone believing me that he was sick but it was almost a little too late.

We still didn’t know what was wrong with him & as far as we knew he was dying in front of our eyes.

The Doctors were all hands on deck, they were unable to draw bloods because he was so dehydrated. He was also still loosing consciousness & we were answering question after question.

Eventually a Doctor came up to us & said Leighton has Diabetes.

Finally a diagnoses – It may sound odd but this was was a relief.

I didn’t know anything about Diabetes but I knew it was manageable, because it could have been anything given how sick he was.

The next step was to keep him alive until he could get to Brisbane & an Intensive Care Unit.

For 4 days Leighton was in the ICU with Ray as I was on the outside caring for our new baby.

Leighton’s recovery was slow given how sick he really was. The Doctors could not hydrate him too quickly because it could cause swelling on the brain.

Little did we know that this was only the start of our T1D journey.

It would be months before we found out that Leighton was only the 3rd child in the World to be Allergic to Synthetic Insulin.

We had no idea how our lives would be forever changed by this, but at lease we still had him.

This photo was taken in the ICU, 4 days after his diagnosis.

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