Dr Joel Wallach Saved My Son!
August 13th, 2014

In 2002 the medical profession was at a loss as to what to do with Leighton. He was a Type 1 Diabetic & was having periods of ‘Unwellness’ (as was listed on his hospital discharge papers). His internal organs were struggling to cope with life & at that point he had not yet been diagnosed with being allergic to every brand of synthetic Insulin that was on the market.

It was when a friend of ours told us that Dr Joel Wallach was in Australia & he would be in Toowoomba, that I got excited. I had been lent a copy of his audio  CD  ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie’, a number of years earlier & we were already taking some Colloidal Minerals, so when we were told we may be able to get a meeting with Dr Wallach before his public talk that night & be able to ask him what he suggested to help Leighton.  I was over the moon, about a possible meeting with a man that had so much knowledge & I felt that if anyone could help us, It would be him.

The afternoon that we met with Dr Wallach, my husband carried our pale grey & limp 2 year old into the lounge room of a ladies house in Toowoomba, where we waited, hoping for a miracle.  Dr Wallach came in a short time later & addressed the room of people (about 10 of us). We listened to him talk for a while & then it went to question time.

With my heart in my throat I stood up & asked Dr Wallach “What would you recommend for our son?”. We had a detailed chat about what Leighton had been diagnosed with, what medical tests had been done in the past & what, if any supplements he was on.  It was at this point that I found out the company & minerals we had been giving him were not endorsed by Dr Wallach even though they were using his ‘Dead Doctors’ CD.

That afternoon Dr Wallach gave us a recommendation & protocol to use with Leighton, and the rest is history (so they say)

When we returned home & started Leighton on the correct Colloidal Minerals & extra supplements, we saw improvement almost immediately. Within 3 weeks, Leighton had colour back in his cheeks  – something we had NOT seen for almost 12 months. Leighton’s energy was also constantly improving, meaning, we now had 2 happy healthy little boys to run after.

Over the years we have been constantly asked what we give Leighton & we have been told by many Medical Doctors ‘To Keep Doing What We Are Doing’ as they are not able to help us. We have been down some long & rough roads, but I have always maintained that if I could just keep him well, the rest of managing a Type 1 Diabetic, with rare complications, was a lot easier.

For 12+ years I have been helping people in Australia & around the globe on their path to health with Dr Wallachs’ health message & products. Now it is great to see that Dr Joel Wallachs’ health message is finally picking up momentum with such people like Benny Hinn & Alex Jones in America. People are now getting the health message that they deserve. Ignorance & condemnation has been an issue we have had to deal with on our journey, as many people, Medical Practitioners & Doctors disregard what we have done (even though Leighton’s Story has been an International Case Study since 2004).

What you can do when you are well!

I look back on those times & wonder how life may have played out for us if we had not met with Dr Wallach that day & I am so happy & thankful for having the chance to meet with this great man, who is devoting his life to helping & healing people through knowledge that it is very humbling to look back & think that Dr Wallach & his advice saved my son’s life.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like chat about ordering any of Dr Wallach’s products here in Australia.

Cheers, Helen

My Family’s Health
June 26th, 2011

As any parent will tell you, one sick day (or night) with a child can literally take an adult a week to get over, even if we don’t catch it too.

I am no different to the next mum except I try to prevent my kids from getting sick in the first place, but that is sometimes easier said than done. I am not saying my family never get sick but we have less time out than most families.

Over the years I have tried many ways to keep the family healthy and save us from the bugs that are waiting to pounce on us and it is not just the kids I try to keep well – it is all of us.

One of my boys a Type 1 Diabetic and if he gets a cold or tummy bug life can literally go from bad to hospitalization in a matter of hours and I can’t afford to get sick I have the family to look after and men are never good patients.

But where do you start?

You look at the vitamin section in the Pharmacy or supermarket with a bewildered grin and think – “well I know we need Vitamin C for the colds and maybe a Multi-Vitamin to cover the rest. Oh, and I need a Vitamin B for more energy”. Only to finally decide to put it all into the too ‘too hard’ basket and leave without any of it.

If only we could take one thing for everything.

You know that that is not possible but I am happy to settle for a couple of things THAT WORK, but once again how do we know which ones?

For many years my quest in keeping the family well has led me to Liquid Minerals and Supplement that you don’t find in shops, mostly because I have found – They Work. You can also buy most of these at wholesale if you join as a member.

Some of these are yummy and some are awful but we are willing to try anything, once.

However, you know when you start a new brand a couple of days into a really bad flu and start to feel better by the end of the 2nd day – it is going to work.

Whether you want to live till you are 105, run a marathon, get through your workday or just easy the duration of this years flu, you know you need to take some for of vitamins and minerals. So have a look at this site.

They have helped me and my family.

Just remember that Prevention IS better than a Cure

The ‘Real’ Costs of Raising a Child With a Medical Condition
March 23rd, 2011

It is amazing how every month there is a new study coming out about the ‘costs’ of raising children, with monetary values being thrown around like a house auction. Some of the figures add up to nearly half a million dollars to get them to adulthood.

Raising them to school age; Raising them to their teen age years or raising them to 18. If you raise them to 18 it could be $200K at a public school, then if you want a private school you are up for $400K plus, all of the results differing from the last study.

When I see these figures and graphs I have to laugh because if I didn’t laugh I would cry. I would really like to know where these figures come from, as you can bet they are not from everyday families with children that require ongoing medical treatment.

I have a child with Type 1 Diabetes and like many families I really disagree with these sorts of calculation – theses studies NEVER take into consideration the added expenses incurred by a medical condition or any ongoing care required by a child with an illness.

Quite often families that have a child with a medical condition have a lot of added expenses, and in some cases one of the parents has to become a full time carer and is unable to continue or return to the work force.

This immediately puts a strain on the families’ finances, so you now have to find the $200-400 K for raising this child and any siblings, on only one wage. Not to mention the ongoing costs of specialists visits, medical equipment to manage their condition and the day-to-day expenses needed just to get by.

This then leads us to another very big set of costs – emotional.

Emotional costs are one of the highest expenses families face, but these are not usually considered as they can’t be measured with money. However they have a huge impact on families with children that require constant medical treatment and care.

Some may not consider these as legitimate costs as they are not measured in monetary form but they do affect the family and the overall income that can be earned. If one parent is always with the child for medical visits the other one has to be on call for the other siblings or may need to be at the hospital too, thus reducing their time at work and overall income.

Like many other families this ’emotional cost’ has been our biggest. Our son is not a normal diabetic – he was diagnosed at only 14 months of age and is one of only a few people in the world allergic to insulin (the one thing that keeps him alive).

For the past 10 years our expenses have been extremely high: jobs, family time, health, sleep deprivation, constant travel to Doctors, loss of schooling due to illness, and the strain of our relationship as a family have been just a few of the every day things we contend with, and all of this is ON TOP of the financial costs.

For families dealing with a child that has a medical condition the ‘financial strain’ can be just the thing that takes them to breaking point, as this is usually because money is the only true thing that can be measured.

If a monetary value was to be put on a child’s quality of life, or a mother’s full nights sleep, a sibling’s quality one-on-one parent time, the figures would be greatly increased and the mere $200-400K expert predict would look like coin you could throw into a fountain.

The ‘Real Cost’ of raising a child with a medical condition cannot be measured financially – because if you did, it would bring you to tears.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4416669

Hello world!
September 13th, 2009

Welcome to My Blog Page. This is my first post. I hope you like the content that will follow in the time to come.