Isn’t it amazing how life can take you on many unexpected journeys?

I have a fantastic family life with many roles – I am a stay at home mother of two wonderful boys, I have a very successful online home based business, I am the main caregiver of my Type 1 Diabetic son, and not to mention a wife.

Any one of these is a ‘full time’ job, but to manage all of them is just what I do. I don’t think my life is that different than many people, but I do think it is what you do with your life that makes all the difference. Like most families though we have had some challenges.

Our main challenge has been the health of our eldest son, and years of medical appointments and hospitalizations. Leighton was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 14 months, but it is his rare allergy to insulin that has made the job harder to manage.

Having a child with a medical condition and extra expenses added to
the strain of our family finances and made it hard to make ends meet,
let alone get ahead. I had to return to work but I was then at the mercy of my son’s condition which made holding a general job even harder, this was also unfair on my employer.

Being unable to return to mainstream employment after having the boys, I have had to look for something I could do part time and from home. We were first introduced to a home based business in 1993 and I knew that that would be the best option for me. I did however try a few different ones until I found the perfect business.

This last year has been just wonderful for us as a family, and with my business rapidly expanding, we now have the opportunity to have the lifestyle we always wanted.