Hello and welcome to my web site.

I am mum and full time carer working from home, creating a fantastic life for my family.

Like any mum, my primary role is the care of my kids, but this job has been taken one step further with one of my boys having a serious medical condition.  In my spare time I run a successful home based business and Alternate Therapies clinic, as well as, public speaking at Diabetes events.

My eldest son has Type 1 Diabetes and life for us as a family has had its challenges as Leighton is not just a normal Type 1 Diabetic, he is only one of a few people in the world allergic to insulin. This rare and unusual condition has also impeded his general well-being, causing us to use nutritional supplements just to keep him alive. Leighton is currently the only child in the world with a DiaPort implant for the management of his diabetes as subcutaneous injection are no longer an option.

With all of the stress of Leighton’s health, my only saving grace all of these years was my private spiritual side. I always enjoyed reading and learning ways in which to empower my life, but it was not until Leighton’s DiaPort operation in France in October 2008 at I actually had a chance to take a step back and start to really develop that.

It was at this time I found an online business opportunity that  really changed peoples lives by  teaching a step-by-step program about how to make the changes in your life. What I didn’t expect were the changes it has made to my family both spiritually and financially. I was able to start generating an income from home around my family in my own time. We have also been on 2 family holidays in the past 2 years, with the last one being in Peru.

Peru 2011

Peru 2011


Our family has come together more, with a new found harmony and flow. Life with the DiaPort has also removed the mental anguish of routine injections and effects of poor diabetes control and for the first time in nearly 10 years I have had more that 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

The changes we have experienced as a family has allowed me to share my knowledge with others and their families, and it is helping others to regain their health and create financial freedom that I find true happiness, and inspiration.

Life is wonderful.